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Name Change

A person may change their name, or a parent or guardian may change a minor child’s name, pursuant to the laws set forth in Florida Statute 68.07. Ms. Perry can assist a client in the preparation and filing of the Petition for a Name Change. This Petition must be submitted to the circuit court under oath. Before a hearing on a name change, the person seeking the name change must have his or her fingerprints submitted for a state and a national criminal history records check, unless a former name is being restored. Many details are required to be submitted to the Court in the Petition, such as where a person has resided since birth, and where a person has worked for the past 5 years.

In a dissolution of marriage proceeding, the Wife may also seek the change of her name or her name restoration. Ms. Perry can request for the Wife the name change at the final hearing. The name change should be completed as part of the divorce proceeding. The Wife will testify as to whether she has been adjudicated bankrupt, whether she has a criminal history, whether a money judgment has been entered against her and, among other things, whether her request for her name change or restoration is being requested for ulterior or illegal purposes.

Once the Judge grants the Petition to Change a Name or changes the Wife’s name in the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, that party’s name has been officially changed.