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Child Support

When parents no longer live with one another and have a child or children between them, both parents have an obligation to financially support their children. This scenario often occurs when parties are divorcing. It is important to consider the child’s need to be in a home that is safe, and comfortable.

Florida laws provide a mathematical computation and table, the Florida Child Support Guidelines, to determine how much child support each parent is responsible to pay based upon their net monthly income. The Florida child support guidelines can be found at FL Statute Section 61.30. Typically this amount is paid monthly or according to the payor’s pay period, biweekly or twice per month. Although both parents may have other bills such as car payments, credit card payments, mortgage payments and so on, the guidelines only provide limited deductions to arrive at a parent’s net monthly income to determine the correct amount of child support to pay per the guidelines. The Judge may deviate outside of the guideline by 5% but the Judge provides a reason for his or her deviation from the statutory amount. Another factor which often affects the payment of support is the amount of time sharing the parent’s have with their children. Florida law provides that both parents share in the cost of their child’s after care costs, day care and medical and dental expenses.

It is important to have a professional review the facts of a case to determine the amount of money a parent should be receiving and/or paying to support their children. Ms. Perry is particularly experienced in this area of the law as she has represented the Florida Department of Revenuemi, Child Support Division in both Broward County and Palm Beach County, FL. Since 1987, she has handled many child support establishment cases, child support modifications, paternity establishment cases, enforcement matters, drivers license contests and contempt proceedings.