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Family Law

Relocation of A Spouse In Divorce

A particularly troublesome area of family law concerns a request to relocate by a former spouse with children after the divorce. When a parent wishes to relocate to another state or even another part of the State of Florida, frequent contact with the children is difficult and can become impossible. This problem often occurs when […]


Pursuant to Florida law, there is a presumption that if children are born during a marriage, the Husband and Wife are the legal mother and father of those children. When circumstances arise that the children are born outside of a marriage, the putative father may seek paternity testing. Paternity testing consists of a scientific test […]

Parenting Plans

As of October 1, 2008, the Florida legislature mandated that Parenting Plans must be prepared for cases involving minor children. The Parenting Plan is a written document which is used to govern the party’s relationship as it relates to their decisions concerning their minor children. The Parenting Plan contains timesharing schedules for the children and […]

Name Change

A person may change their name, or a parent or guardian may change a minor child’s name, pursuant to the laws set forth in Florida Statute 68.07. Ms. Perry can assist a client in the preparation and filing of the Petition for a Name Change. This Petition must be submitted to the circuit court under […]

Modification of Alimony and Child Support

After the entry of a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage awarding alimony to a spouse, circumstances can arise which would support the modification downwards or upwards of that alimony award. Under Florida law, alimony will be terminated upon the death of a party or upon remarriage of the party receiving alimony. In the event […]

Modification of a Parenting Plan/Visitation

After the parents have a Parenting Plan setting forth their time sharing schedule with their children, there may come a time that there is a need to change that schedule. If the parents cannot agree to changes in the Plan, a sworn Petition to Modify the Parenting Plan/Time Sharing Schedule may be filed with the […]

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Mediation and dispute resolution is a cost saving method for resolving your marital problems in the divorce setting. After financial disclosure with one another, the parties and their respective attorneys meet with a professional mediator, experienced in settling divorce cases. The mediation conference can occur before the actual divorce proceeding is filed at the court […]

Marital Misconduct

Florida is a “no fault” state and this is not commonly known by individuals in Florida seeking a divorce. In other words, the fact that one spouse had an affair and the other did not, or perhaps both spouses “cheated” is often not evidence that the Family Judge will consider. More often than not, the […]

Enforcement of a Settlement Agreement

If your divorce case was resolved by the entry of an agreement, and not by a trial before a Judge, there may come a time that your former spouse does not comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement. If this occurs, you may need to move to enforce or compel this or her […]
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